Langdale and the Wydow Connection..

Wydow…not sure if you still read this..but I love your Assassin’s blog!

Shame just like my little venture here it doesn’t carry on forever..

Anyhow, I ‘d like to get in touch with you but can’t find an email address anywhere..

Could you send me a mail on

Hope you still reading this Wydow, lol.


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Langdale and the ‘missing’ connection

Langdale seems to missing….has anyone seen him?

((due to crazy real life commitments, a holiday, too much demand for my main toons..poor old Langdale has been taking a back seat.  I hope to be dusting him off over the next few weeks and adventuring again!!))

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Langdale and the ‘avoidance’ connection.

It had been several days.  I wouldn’t admit this to Langdale but like a little lost puppy I went to his Inn room at Irontoes, each and every day hoping to get an answer.  I wasn’t until a neighbour saw me there once again and asked me if I was after that ‘annoying little Rat’ that I eventually found out what he was up to.  So it turns out he has a new friend. Apparently the neighbour told me he was hanging round a lot with a man called ‘Ian Cathlan’ in Qeynos Harbour.

Obviously I set off to see if I could find this ‘Cathlan’ fellow.  On the way over there I mused that I was doing the right thing and Langdale must just have been pre-occupied and not pointedly ignoring me.  When I arrived I saw Langdale..well heard him straight away.  He seemed to be very unhappy with Mr.Cathlan.

“Yous give mees gloves, den wristies, then booties, then shouldies?? Yous prumissed mees fine armour..Yis Yis! yous did..mees wants legs and chesties” he squeaked.  Well I didn’t hear what Cathlan said but as I rounded the corner I saw Langdale striding towards me. I could tell he was unhappy and didn’t argue when he walked past me but pulled at my sleeve.

“Yous comes with mees. Yis Yis..we have things to find. His family is very forgetsful. Hes thinks mees his slave. Sending me all over picking up things they losts.  Hes dids says mees gets nice armour though if mees helps. Mees only gots these at the moment though”, ranting he waved a set of rather fine chainmail gloves in my face and pointed to his forearm pieces, shoulder armour and new boots. Speechless, I followed Langdale to the docks and we both caught the boat to Antonica.

 Well, we were sent off to find various items from around the Thunderring Steppes, culminating in locating an item called ‘Bonechipper’.  We found that one most difficult to find.  Took a while for us to find him though, even with Langdales ever increasing tracking skills.  I might have said at one point that he ‘couldn’t find the end of your nose’ with those skills.  “Hes in this area? Yis Yis?” Langdale asked me in retort…agreeing obviously he went on ” Yous sees…there lots of creeturs here …hard finding ones in many Yis Yis”..I couldn’t disagree really. 

We returned Cathlans family goods to him and he rewarded Langdale and he gave Langdale a rather nice set of chain leggings.  Langdale stood there for a few moments as if waiting for something.  Eventually he squeaked “Yous says Chesties!!! mees wants!!”

Cathlan refused to give Langdale the chest piece until he had collected the last few items his family had lost.  Bouncing around and drawing quite a crowd, at last Langdale relented. So off we went.

 Thunddering Steppes was our destination once more, this time to bring back lost family items from some Gnoll Sabertooth Harvesters, some Rumblers in the caves to the south and a disagreeable Giant called Ott Stompgutt. The gnolls and Ott all fell easily. I must admit I am begginning to get quietly confident in Langdales ability.  The Rumbler worms proved a little more challenging and more than once I witnessed Langdale running over the hill to where I awaited him waving his arms frantically..”Runs! Runs! they is too manys!”.  After a long hard afternoons battling though, we were triumphant and weary, we travelled back to Qeynos Harbour with all of the lost items.

Langdale got his “chestie” and he was suitably impressed by it.  What made him mad though was the fact that Cathlan had him , us..running back and forth all the time when he could have just given us a complete list of everything he needed.  Langdale didn’t hesitate to tell him this, obviously after he had gotten his prize.  I recall the scolding he gave him…It really was quite colourful.


Langdale tells Ian Cathlan


Langdale shows off his new AQ Armour

Yis Yis! Langdale …out!

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Langdales Lazy Bed connection

Langdale is not answering his door.  After visiting a neighbour of his, I found out he had been drinking until the early hours downstairs in the bar.  The neighbour mentioned something about him taking a few days off from adventuring and becoming good friends with his new bed.

I knocked again, but still no response, I swear I could hear snoring from inside…. Oh, well I’ll check back with him in a few days…

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Langdale and the ‘Firemyst Gully’ connection.

Langdale seemed full of himself today. Anyone would think that he is becoming a hero of Norrath the way he goes on!  I tried to explain to him while we were sharing a four stein jug of Berry Wine in Irontoes, that I was well aware of the fact he had attained his 20th season of adventuring but it still didn’t make him, as he put it, ‘like the fury of the Gods with a blade and bow’.  He didn’t seem to pleased when he overheard me muttering that he seemed more ‘like Londo the housemaid with a brush’ to me.  I really should have known better as he then went headlong in to a tirrade about ‘that Steadfast guy’ at the Antonica Claymore, who seemed to think he was a hero.  “He asked me to go in to Firemyst Gully yesterday”.  I knew what was coming.  If I thought he was like a house maid with a brush then he would ‘just a’bloody’bout show me’…”Mees is off to conquer ‘the Gully’, on mees own, Yis Yis!”.  He did it on purpose of course. He knew I would have to go with him. 

Meeting the Dwarf outside the gates did not do much to make me feel better.  If it’s not so bad in there Dwarf…why are you out here?  Langdale didn’t pause for an instant and shoved the doors open, and off we went inside.  The Dwarf outside, I never did catch his name..perhaps it was hiding behind his beard..said we should make contact with the Dwarves inside who would have some tasks for us. Didn’t sound too bad to me.  We had to slay a few undead to get to them and only when we did, did I realise what these tasks would be.   Langdale laughed as I exclaimed “Hold off a bloody Undead Army”, pointing in disbelief at Langdale and I…”Us two? are you kidding me?”. Well the dwarf nodded sobely then pointedly decided to ignore me and talk only to my rodent companion.

Langdale and the Dwarf plan our demise..

Langdale and ‘that bloody Dwarf’ plan our demise.

So, even though I had my doubts, we both went out in to ‘the field’ and began to slay undead.  Probably the most evil we encountered were some ghostly looking spiders. I can tell you now, even though I could hear Langdales manic giggles as we fought, they were pretty tough and I didn’t find them anywhere near as much fun as he did.  We were supposed to be removing some ‘Sigils of Undeath’. What this was supposed to achieve I really didn’t know and to be honest I could have done without getting too close to them. They were impaled figures on spikes!  All in all there were nine of them we had to get rid of.  This wasn’t so bad, as we slowly wound our way round the Gully removing undead and their Sigils as we went, avoiding some of the more nasty looking creatures especially some huge brute things near to some obelisks. 

Eventually, we had all of the Sigils apart from the last one. This one was in an awful looking skull like structure at the centre of the Gully.  Langdale suggested we try and sneak up as  there was bound to be something nasty lurking inside.  I agreed wholeheartedly. Now here’s the kicker..because I was in a huff when the Dwarf behind the barracade was talking to us..I kinda missed some important information. It turns out Langdale hadn’t,  but thought it would be ‘fun’ anyway to keep me in the dark on this one.  What I didn’t realise is that we were supposed to grab a shovel and a torch off another Dwarf in their enclave so we could dig up the corpses who would, when we approached the Skull hut be brought forth by the Undead Necromancer inside the hut.  The torch was also supposed to be used to burn corpses that lay on the ground and would be called forth just like the buried ones. Also…I hadn’t been told that those three huge brutes we had ignored by the obelisk type structures were actually there to prevent the Necromancer from getting hurt. I mean by magic and I mean hurt at all!  So even if we had defeated (and we didn’t even last a second) the fifty or so undead that poured on to us like acid spilt from an alchemists beaker, we would not have been able to hurt the evil spellbringer one little bit. 

I don’t think even Langdale was expecting what happened  and I honestly think he had over estimated the amount of ‘fun’ this would be as I cannot even scribe the language he used to the Dwarf when we went back to get the torches and the shovels.  There was mention of beards and mothers and paying for bed time, but that is as far as I can go recounting what he said. As it turns out, we didn’t need the equipment anymore.  All of the undead that had been summoned remained above the ground, so all it took was a short time…(ok maybe a long time) to clear all of the horrid creatures before we were ready for the Big Nasty himself.  The brutes by the way were not really that bad.  The were big, granted but their minions who accompanied them dropped fairly easily and then it was just a bit of an arduous battle to finish the brute off himself.

I waited the usual ten minutes or so while Langdale mercilessly taunted the Necromancer.  I even had time to grab a trail snack. Then he gave me the nudge and sent his first arrow flying.  What happened next was ugly but what battle isn’t? I think the thing that clinched us the victory was when Langdale sneaked up behind the vile creature and shoved both his shovel  and the lit torch up his behind. It created the distraction I needed to finish him off.  As a kindly consideration for the Dwarves and what they had just gotten us in to, Langdale suggested we present the dead body of the Necromancer to them ‘on a stick’ as he put it surveying the still inserted torch stump and shovel handle. They did however give us some rather nice weapons to compensate our efforts…which was nice..

Langdale and the Skull Hut..

Langdale and the Skull Hut, in a now totally Undead free gully..

Yis Yis! Langdale …out!

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The ‘Feyiron Chef’ Connection.

Could I get Langdale out of bed this morning?  Well of course..I did. But ever since he has moved in to an Inn room at Irontoes East and bought himself a big comfy bed, a jug of water  is now what it takes to get him up and about.  It has become somewhat of a game for me. I try to see how much noise I can actually get away with making.  So far it is a huge amount, although when I stood next to his bed and simply let the tray holding his breakfast drop out of my hands on to the floor with a clatter I am sure I saw his eyes flicker. Maybe Langdale is playing games with me?

The upshot of this whole thing was that I had just consigned the last of his sausages and bacon to the splinters of the floor.  So Langdale insisted that we find somewhere to eat…”Quick smart” he said.  Well after he spent most of my money on new armour, I was at a bit of a loss.  That was until whilst sitting downstairs at Irontoes waiting for him to get ready for the day, I noticed a poster on the wall.  Strolling over to it, my heart, and stomach lifted.  A cooking competition! ‘The Feyiron Chef’.  Held as part of the Festival of Unity, today was to be the final, just outside the South Qeynos gates.  This was too good an opportunity to be missed. Surely there will be free food?  I rushed upstairs to hurry our rodent friend along..

Less than an hour later we were wandering out of the city and Langdale had a definite spring in his step. He had done ever since I had shown him the poster…I am pretty sure I heard his stomach rumbling, although he said it was the wind…

When we arrived there was already a goodly crowd.  The Chairperson of the event, Lera Bladestrike from guild Restoration announced very shortly “We have one more contestant on her way here, and we’ll start as soon as she arrives.”!  Fanstastic news! Both Langdale and I looked at each other expectantly.  Langdale took the time to wander round while we waited and I sat down, content at surveying the ‘arena’ for the upcoming battle!  A large pittted fire was the central spot, and I assumed this was where the cooking was to take place.  Scanning the crowd I saw a few famous faces of heroes of Norrath, Langdale later even pointed out the loverly Tibberian Dele’Mont, proud winner of the jousting competition earlier in the week. Fantastic that they were showing such an interest. Stopping to think that it is only right at an event such as The Festival of Unity to have such distinguished patrons and guests.  Not least of whom, Shackleton the huge Kerran swashbuckler, who was to be the main correspondant, was here! Seeing such a presdigeous figure I quickly scanned the crowd for Langdale worried he would get himself in to a pickle and embarrass us! Luckily he seemed to be more interested in getting a good viewing spot round the fire.

Correspondant Shackleton and the ‘arena’ for ‘The Feyiron Chef’

 Correspondant Shackleton and the ‘arena’ for ‘The Feyiron Chef’

 Shackleton began what was to be a wonderful commentary and indeed the event..”You join us for this, the fourth and final installment of feyiron chef!” He announced, “The contestants today will be competing for the Feyiron Spoon and Crown”. Langdale nudged me and looked up with the stupisiest of grins, I could tell his excitement was getting beyond control!

After handing over to Chairperson Lera Bladestrike, she very quickly announced that the secret ingredient for ‘cook off’ was to be Fayberry! Langdale wandered off to take a look at who the contestants were going to be and after doing some snooping he hurriedly returned and told me there were three hopefuls for the Spoon!

From Darklight Woods the Arasai ‘Melenie’ was here, the ‘black glint’ in her eyes as Langdale told me, meant there could be some exciting and nasty creations by the outlander.  I trusted his word having come from Darklight just two days ago to the fair city of Qeynos.  Tier’dal, Kalandra Nightmoon of guild Legion of Kithicor was here and the last contestant was to be a Wood Elf, Lysari form guild Green Council.

Whilst Langdale filled me in on the contestants I heard Chairperson Lera announcing the Judges for the event. They were to be Phemme Phatale from guild Kindred, Akissa Le’Lyon from guild Restoration and last but not least Tregarde Nas’Kall from guild Sojourners of Norrath.

Well it really didn’t take long then for the contestants to get going!  They were to have thirty minutes in which to produce five dishes with the special ingredient ‘Fayberry’ to wow the Judges palates.  Before Langdale and I knew it the smell of cooking drifted it’s way across to us. I could now hear both our stomachs rumbling.

The 3 contestants cook.

 The 3 contestants cook. From left to right..

Judge Phemme, Contestant Melenie, Shackleton, Contestant Kalandra (with green cloak), Contestant Lysari (with green frostfell hat)

During the proceedings the correspondant Shackleton furnished us with many interesting facts, including the origins of the ‘Fayberry’….

“It is said that Tunare herself brought them from the luscious forests of the plane of growth and gifted the first fayberries to the King and Queen of Kelethin” Shackleton informed us, Langdale rolling his eyes at me. I well know his ‘un’interest in history, but eager to hear more myself, I leant forward..

“The King, being fat for a wood elf, promptly ate his. But the Queen wisely thrust it into the ground where it grew into an enormous tree” he continued, “later, fayberries played a vital role in Kelethin’s defence. Squeezed and then liberally applied on the skin, they became a favourite tool of spies wishing to thwart the machinations of Neriak”, I personally thought this was all interesting stuff, but Langdale I could tell was not listening. What Shackleton had to say next perked his ears up though…

“Those of Neriak would also cover their skin in fayberries, but for an entirely different purpose which modesty prohibits Shackleton to discuss”…grumbling at the Kerran being coy Langdale wandered off to the contestants to see what they were doing. On his return he giggled delightedly that Melenie seemed to season everything with extract of Dark Hatred, and he even spotted Kalandra using her pet Hawk to do some of the cooking for her by hovering a pot over the flames.  This was turning out to be a most exciting and original competition.

Throughout the ‘cook off’ the contestants grilled, boiled, rolled, crushed, squeezed, seasoned and dodged Shackletons attempts to swipe their creations and before we knew it, thirty minutes had passed. A countdown from Shackleton saw the contestants hurriedly finishing the presentation of their dishes.

It was then time for the three contestants to present their five dishes to the Judges..Melenie was to go first.

Melenie presents her dishes..

Melenie presents her dishes to the Judges

  1. Fayberry Popcorn seasoned with darklight herbs and spices.
  2. Sablevein Stout and fayberries, with warpfront mushrooms for seasoning.
  3. Pan fried fayberry cakes seasoned with Darklight seasonings, topped with Fayberry Bloodwine Syrup and warpfront mushrooms.
  4. ‘Boltdrivers’ as called by the contestant…Fayberry juice and Gnomish Spirits.
  5. Thick Bloodwine Fayberry ‘surprise’

Well the offerings certainly caused some differing reactions from the Judges. Judge Phemme was even heard to exclaim “ACK  that burns!” whilst tasting the popcorn. Langdale informed me that it must have been to wash away the taste, but he saw her downing rather a lot of the ‘Boltdrivers’ shortly after.  Whatever the Judges said about her cooking, Melenie certainly had the last laugh by secretly presenting to them Chocolate Chip Cookies of Seething Malice! Shackleton commented  … “a forceful culinary presense, there. Let’s see if our next contestant can match it”.

The next contestant to present was Kalandra Nightmoon from guild Legion of Kithicor.

Kalandra presents he dishes to the Judges

 Kalandra presents her dishes to the Judges

  1. Salad fayberry slices with carrots and onion shreds on top. Along with softgrass andeldarr leaves as a ‘gentle’ base.
  2. ‘Robust’ Elk Stew with potatoes, based in a sauce of fayberries and a touch of wolves blood…’for luck’.
  3. Grilled Griffin Steak in a fayberry marianade, served with 100 year old apple wine.
  4. Field snack of Chocolate and fayberry covered in ‘bugs legs’.  Kalandra commented “slightly crunchy but ‘o’ so soft on the palate!”
  5. Fayberry and Wild apple cobbler with cinnemon seasoning topped with Nutmeg.

Well the field snack created a bit of a stir, Langdale told me he saw Judge Tregarde raise an eyebrow, look at the dish in a sceptical manner and comment “Bug legs… but… chocolate… but…”.  Shackleton seemed most impressed by the Stew and Steak, exclaiming..”Surely there’ll be some left for Shackleton, if Shackleton doesn’t get a piece, then it shall be a cruel test of his will”.

Time for the last contestant Lysari from guild Green Council to present her dishes.

Lysari presents her dishes to the Judges

Lysari presents her dishes to the Judges

  1. Pancakes with a reduction of Fayberry sauce and sliced fayberries in the syrup.
  2. Grilled Nerius Trout skewers and grilled fayberry. The chef commented “the slight acidity of the berry cuts the oily fish taste right out!”
  3. Fayberry, Xegonberry, prickly pear, white peach, raw carrot salad with Baubbleshire cabbage shreds, Murndunk Orange dressing and vinegar.
  4. Grilled Deer meat marianated in fayberry. Lysari added ” I rubbed just a few more fayberries in to the steak before grilling”.
  5. Fayberry and xegonberry pie a lo mode, with fresh fayberry cream on the side. Apparently, a ‘special recipe of her Grandmothers’.

The pancakes went down very well with the Judges, but Shackleton claimed pancakes were cheating and added, “Shackleton considers whether he can confiscate them”!.  Judge Akissa was apparently happy that there was now ‘normal’ food to eat and tucked in to the desert with gusto. 

The Judges then went off to confer and Shackleton cleared away the scraps…

Langdale commented to me that he was more than sure Lysari was gong to win with the introduction of pancakes and the wonderful desert. I wasn’t so sure and decided to wait until the Judges came back.  It didn’t take long and Lady Lera Bladestrike came back to the gathering and proudly announced Kalandra Nightmoon as the victor!

Langdale and I wish to extend our congratulations to Kalandra, and all of the contestants for such a fine showing.  Congratulations also to Shackleton for an amusing and informative ongoing report throughout the event and to the Judges for their impatiality and at times stamina!

A big thankyou from both of us for organising not just this event but the whole week of festivities!

Langdale was so happy to have attended, he forgot all about the fact I had ruined his own breakfast.

A Dark ending

As we strolled back to Qeynos, the weather which had turned bad at the end of the competition got steadily worse.  Langdale commented , “Mees certainly hopes the rains goes away for da Parade!”

Yis Yis! Langdale …out!

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Langdale and the Qeynos Connection

Langdale asked me if I thought he was doing the right thing by betraying he allegiances from Neriak to Qeynos.  I told him that I of course supported (most of) his decisions and if he wanted to be a Ranger then that was just fine by me.  When I informed him it was going to be hard work and would probably mean non stop adventuring and questing for at least a few hours,  he seemed a little less sure!  I swear that rat get’s lazier every day.  He soon perked up when I asked him why he wanted to be a Ranger and not an Assasin.

“Mees has a sensitive nose.  Mees is fed ups of being behind smellee monsters with bads wind!  As a Ranger mees can keeps me distance!”.  A fair enough answer I thought.

 So we decided to follow the advice of the boy he saved in Neriak and go visit Magister De’Pater in the Spires of Innoruk to continue his journey away from the teachings of the city of Neriak.  When we arrived at the Spires we soon found De’Peter…in the company of two small children. Langdale gave me a look and raised an eyebrow. He told me we should get our business done with this one as quick as we could as he seemed to have a penchant for small creatures. I told Langdale he was disgusting.

Magister and his ‘boys’

 Magister De’Peter and his ‘boys’


De’Peter asked us to go and help steal some documents from the Queen’s Palace and for the first time today Langdales eyes lit up.  As we were walking over to the palace I asked him if he was sure he wanted to be a Ranger instead of an Assasin as he seemed to like the shadier side of things.  He quicky put me right whilst he got out his bone pipe and smoked as he talked;

“Yis! Yis! mees is mischeivous, mees nots bad bad”…I remained speechless and we carried on.

When we got to the palace we quickly got to the second floor and Langdale told the Palace staff watching over the documents that there was a fight outside. They quickly ran off to see what was happening and we swiped the documents.  I was all for leaving as quick as we could. But Langdale had other ideas and told me that if he was leaving Neriak, he wanted to see the Queen at least once.

Langdale tells the Queen what he thinks..

 Landale tells the Queen of Neriak what he thinks..

Little was I to know that he would set off on a tirade, informing her that her city stank and although it looked nice it was full of fakers and pretentious lackeys..including her.  Dragging him away by the arm and trying to bow at the same time was not easy.  We didn’t speak all the way back to De’Peter.  I did however pause long enough to take one last look at the palace and it’s wonderful architecture.

Neriak Palace

 Neriak Palace

 De’Peter had another task for us.  Apparently there was a Reverend who was behind an Inn who was being attacked by assassins.  Langdale quickly butted in stating that he didn’t know anything about it!  So off we trecked back to the area in front of the Palace in a hurry to defend the Reverend.  When we got there, Langdale spotted the Opera House and refused to go any further until he had done a ‘turn’ on the stage there. I tried to convince him of the urgency of the task at hand..but he was having none of it and came over all ‘lush’ on me…

Langdale takes his ‘turn’ on stage..

 Langdale takes his ‘turn’ on stage..

Luckily enough the Rev was still alive when we got to him and he told us to get back to De’Peter and to tell him that someone or something called ‘The Seraph’ was in danger.  The whole way back we kept getting jumped by assassins, but Langdale was wiley enough to outwit them.  De’Peter told us we had to escape from Neriak and to meet the Rev outside the gates to the city.  The entire way to the teleporter Langdale waxed lyrical about ‘his’ wonderful descision to do the quest to be able to use them, and before we knew it we were outside chatting once again with the reverend..he seemed as cautious as me about Langdales descision to leave Neriak behind, and kept asking him if it was sure what he wanted to do..

Are you sure?

 The ‘Exile’ Experience is something Langdale has asked me not to mention. He says that it was tedious and embarrasing feeling like an outcast and hated being called ‘Exile’.  In fact at one point when another adventurer a Kerran, who must have been new to the lands of Norrath enquired where Langdale obtained his ‘cool’ title, Langdale promptly told him it was rude to point out anothers shortcomings and went on to say that ‘he’ hadn’t drawn attention to the Kerrans smelly fur or fat paws.  I dragged Langdale off and then began to chastise him about his behaviour and I had walked about twenty metres when I realised he wasn’t beside me any more.  Looking over my shoulder I saw Langdale wrestling with the Kerran and attempting to execute a ‘Luclin Wedgie’ trying to pull it so tight, things would have soon exploded like the moon!


We headed to Commonlands where Langdale spoke to Gil McMartin, who gave him some quests within Freeport. Langdale asked me to stay outside as he didn’t want to have to watch my back as well as his own in there. I must have sat there for an hour or so, intermittantly watching Langdale come back, talk to Gil again then wander off.  I whiled away the time by asking Gil McMartin what he thought Halas would have been like.  I thought this was a poigniant question to a Barbarian, but decided to sit quietly minding myself to myself when he replied “Mind ye own &^**@#! business Human. It matters not what I think Halas was like. I’d still be stuck in this %&^**@# tower all day every day”.


When Langdale had appeared and dissapeared about ten times Gil sent him off to Qeynos to speak to someone called Vishra outside the Mage Tower in South Qeynos.  The journey was a long one and on the way we stopped off for our last time in Haven. Langdale was glad to see the back of the place.  Even though it took us quite a while to get there, we didn’t have any battles along the way and the travelling was tedious.  Langdale moaned about not being able to use the Griffon towers in the Thunderring Steppes.   In fact he moaned so much I made use of the cotten wool I had secured against such ramblings, placing two small but very effective balls of it in my ears.  Vishra had a few tasks for Langdale, the first of which was clearing up rubbish off the Antonican Highway.  I thought he would moan about this..but he suprised me and said “Yous a never knows what yous might find!”.

After another task it was time to fight the Grand Inquisitor.  I feared for Langdale whilst he was gone, but he soon returned, bloodied but victorious.  After a short stop by a huge tree in the Elddar Wood, that was it!  Langdale was a Ranger and a citizen of Qeynos at last!  I told Langdale we should go and celebrate. I said we should head off to an eatery as I was extremely hungry. On the way I told Langdale he could have anything he wanted…my treat.  So, in true Langdale style, he stopped off at the broker and bought a full new set of armour and a new bow to celebrate his status as a Ranger.  Not enough money to go feed, we both went for a stroll around Antonica to check out the sights. I must say…it’s a lot more attractive and welcoming than Darklight Woods.

Langdale by the Oracle Tower.

 Langdale by the Oracle Tower, Antonica


Langdale the Ranger. His new duds and his new home, Qeynos.

 Langdale the Ranger and his new home, Qeynos.


Well Langdale has now reached his 14th season of adventuring.  I think he is enjoying it as much as I am, the cheeky rascal.


Yis Yis! Langdale …out!

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Echobreath ‘owns’ Langdale!

Another night in Darklight Woods saw more adventures for our intrepid rodent friend.  A quick visit back to the cave’s near to Hate’s Envy enclave found him his flower at last!  There it was just sitting on a rock all innocent and beautiful, until Langdale ripped it out by the stem and went running off to give it to Verex N’Za.  The tier’dal was obviously unimpressed…maybe he thought Langdale was declaring his love for him as he ran up to him and proudly waved a flower in his face!  He said he didn’t want it , but knew someone who did (the mayor Sselnyl Do’Zyth), Langdale said he was ungrateful and the choclates he had bought were now right out of the question and would be given to someone who would be thankful.  A petty arguement ensued, both parties said things that shouldn’t have been said…well Langdale is now never likely to return to Hate’s Envy!

Langdale and Verex Argue…

 Dissapointed at his lack of control, Langdale decided it was time to find a new home and thought he would check out Neriak itself.  Even the approach to the place had a wonderful effect on him and he felt all the anger seep out of his system as he entered the City.

Langdale is happy to be away from Hate’s Envy!

A bit bemused by the beauty of Neriak and all it’s glowy lights (which in my opinion is like the Norrath Las Vegas!), Langdale was accosted by another pushy Tier’dal, Divton T’Szelyl of The Dark Bargainers who needed help getting some signatures. He promised Langdale use of the teleport pads if he got this done. 

 Another Dark Elf tells a Rat what to do!

Being a lazy rat though, Langdale did see the useful side of this quest and so set off to get the signatures.  His trip through Neriak was interspersed by feelings of boredom, happiness, sadness and death (Langdale fell down the chasm outside Seloxia Stronghold).  Personally I was a little dissapointed that my favourite old haunt from Neriak EQ1, the blind fish no longer has a window that you can sit at and watch the fishes swim by…I think Langdale felt the same way…

Langdale cries at the Blind Fish..

But he was soon cheered up as he got to see the sights of Vegas, Neriak….and had a shower.

Langdale takes a shower in Vegas

Needless to say after some running round the little rat got the job done and was given access to the teleport pads.  His vacation over, he decided it was time to go and finish some other tasks out in Darklight Woods.  This time round the tasks didn’t seem so interesting, which was probably down more to my personal mood than to the quests themselves.  Langdale seemed to do a lot of fishing for different tasks and I quickly got bored of that.  So Langdale and myself were  more than excited when we saw a named bat ‘Echobreath’.  By this time Langdale was level 10 and the bat was level 9 ^.  Of course an easy task to bring his flappiness down….errr not!  That darn bat took Langdale down 5 times in a row and on the way back for my 6th attempt, someone else had ‘owned’ Echobreath…a level 9 toon no less.  Well Langdale and I were too embarrassed to discuss it, Langdale changed direction at the last minute and ran off up the road pretending not to look at the Treasure Chest with envy.

Echobreath owns Langdale..

Off to Wanderlust Faire we went!  It was at this point that my wife pointed out that next week a group of us are starting off six ratongas in a bid to get the long awaited Team Ratonga….GO!! guild up and running and our starting area was going to be Darklight Woods.  Now I really don’t want to ruin any of the suprises to come for Team Ratonga….GO!!, so Langdale and I discussed it at length, and some points were agreed upon…some were argued with ferocity…but in the end we both decided that it was time to begin his betrayal to Qeynos. But not before he gave me the bird…good job he was wearing gauntlets!

Langdale gives me the bird!

So he began the betrayal quest by heading back in to Neriak, and the New Foreign Quarter.  Just down the side of the Inn he found a little boy who was being bullied by two ruffians.  Knowing what it is like to be picked on for your size, Langdale decided to step in.  The two ruffians became aggro to him and Langdale spanked them and sent them home with his tail between their legs!  The boy was very grateful and called Langdale an Angel of Innoruk.  Langdale gave me a meaningful look, but he is not fooling anyone!

Thats where Langdale and I left it for the night.  I really want to do the betrayal quest in one go even though it is a pain, just to get it out of the way. I have done it so many times before it holds nothing special for me anymore.

Whilst Langdale and I were hunting last night there seemed to be a lot of flaming in channel 1-9.  I must say I was a little disapointed.  I really don’t know why some can’t just try and help the noobs out instead of flaming them … granted some should do some more research before asking for help..but linking in with what Ogrebear has said about advertising…we get so few brand new players to this game..when we do..we REALLY need to embrace them not flame them out!  And yes…Langdale and I say “Sony get of your lazy ass! Get out there and advertise!”

Yis Yis! Langdale …out!

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Langdale and the ‘Hates Envy’ connection

So I decided amongst my many other toons, to create another!  This time however, I thought I would do it a little differently.  For one, I have never played a rat.  I have played an Assassin though.  Well Langdale is an Assassin. Even though I have already dragged one up to 70th, I decided to start another for one reason…..I wanted a Ratonga Ranger.  So I had no choice.  What I did have a choice about of course was the starting city.  I decided on Neriak simply because I have never started a toon there and my wife had been raging about how much fun it was!!

So this, the first of many blogs (hopefully) to come, tracking Langdales beginnings in Hate’s Envy and his adventures beyond.

Hate’s Envy Enclave.

Hate’s Envy is a small enclave near to the entrance of Neriak where I began my adventures.  It is a small but fun place with plenty going on, and more than enough quests to keep me interested.  My first stop was Verex N’Za who helped me start my career.  He sent me off on various tasks in and around Hate’s Envy.  They were short enough to hold my attention, if a little easy.

My next stop was the Mayors office where I picked up a few quests to go in to a nearby cave and also had to bring back the head of Ithari K’Xyrae for Mayor Sselnyl Do’Zyth!  Not a very nice mayor at all!

Mayor’s Office

Ithari K’Xyrae

 The cave that I collected K’Xyrae’s head from is supposed to spawn a rare ground item.  A flower that gives you a quest for a fairly decent piece of chain armour shoulders.  I spent over an hour wandering there (and it is pitifully small) and found nothing.  So I decided to move on.

My adventures took me out of Hate’s Envy and to the next step out in Darklight Woods, the T’Vatar Post.  Here I picked up a lot of extra quests and got myself some good armour pieces including a decent chest piece for freeing souls in to the Wellspring of Nightmares.

Wellspring of Nightmares

Langdale is now level 9.  I must admit I have really enjoyed Darklight Woods so far.  The scope and quests have been a lot of fun and I am looking forward to getting back in there.

Starting another alt, got me to thinking about something Stargrace said on her website  She said it annoyed her (albeit she said it was a little thing) and wished that ‘people’ (I think this means guildies) would dedicate a little more time to “mains” instead of alts.  I agree if the toon is powerlevelled, but if like I have done with my many alts and try to do quests or content never experienced with my other alts (granted some quests you need to do with all), then I have found the experience of playing alts most satisfying, rewarding and sometimes nostalgic. I don’t know if it really matters if you play an alt or a main…as long as you are having fun. 

 I am undecided when to attempt the betrayal with Langdale to become a Ranger as he is meant to be.  I think at the moment as I am enjoying the content in Darklight Woods so much, I will wait…and just try not to spend anything on updating my skills!

Yis Yis! Langdale …out!

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