Echobreath ‘owns’ Langdale!

Another night in Darklight Woods saw more adventures for our intrepid rodent friend.  A quick visit back to the cave’s near to Hate’s Envy enclave found him his flower at last!  There it was just sitting on a rock all innocent and beautiful, until Langdale ripped it out by the stem and went running off to give it to Verex N’Za.  The tier’dal was obviously unimpressed…maybe he thought Langdale was declaring his love for him as he ran up to him and proudly waved a flower in his face!  He said he didn’t want it , but knew someone who did (the mayor Sselnyl Do’Zyth), Langdale said he was ungrateful and the choclates he had bought were now right out of the question and would be given to someone who would be thankful.  A petty arguement ensued, both parties said things that shouldn’t have been said…well Langdale is now never likely to return to Hate’s Envy!

Langdale and Verex Argue…

 Dissapointed at his lack of control, Langdale decided it was time to find a new home and thought he would check out Neriak itself.  Even the approach to the place had a wonderful effect on him and he felt all the anger seep out of his system as he entered the City.

Langdale is happy to be away from Hate’s Envy!

A bit bemused by the beauty of Neriak and all it’s glowy lights (which in my opinion is like the Norrath Las Vegas!), Langdale was accosted by another pushy Tier’dal, Divton T’Szelyl of The Dark Bargainers who needed help getting some signatures. He promised Langdale use of the teleport pads if he got this done. 

 Another Dark Elf tells a Rat what to do!

Being a lazy rat though, Langdale did see the useful side of this quest and so set off to get the signatures.  His trip through Neriak was interspersed by feelings of boredom, happiness, sadness and death (Langdale fell down the chasm outside Seloxia Stronghold).  Personally I was a little dissapointed that my favourite old haunt from Neriak EQ1, the blind fish no longer has a window that you can sit at and watch the fishes swim by…I think Langdale felt the same way…

Langdale cries at the Blind Fish..

But he was soon cheered up as he got to see the sights of Vegas, Neriak….and had a shower.

Langdale takes a shower in Vegas

Needless to say after some running round the little rat got the job done and was given access to the teleport pads.  His vacation over, he decided it was time to go and finish some other tasks out in Darklight Woods.  This time round the tasks didn’t seem so interesting, which was probably down more to my personal mood than to the quests themselves.  Langdale seemed to do a lot of fishing for different tasks and I quickly got bored of that.  So Langdale and myself were  more than excited when we saw a named bat ‘Echobreath’.  By this time Langdale was level 10 and the bat was level 9 ^.  Of course an easy task to bring his flappiness down….errr not!  That darn bat took Langdale down 5 times in a row and on the way back for my 6th attempt, someone else had ‘owned’ Echobreath…a level 9 toon no less.  Well Langdale and I were too embarrassed to discuss it, Langdale changed direction at the last minute and ran off up the road pretending not to look at the Treasure Chest with envy.

Echobreath owns Langdale..

Off to Wanderlust Faire we went!  It was at this point that my wife pointed out that next week a group of us are starting off six ratongas in a bid to get the long awaited Team Ratonga….GO!! guild up and running and our starting area was going to be Darklight Woods.  Now I really don’t want to ruin any of the suprises to come for Team Ratonga….GO!!, so Langdale and I discussed it at length, and some points were agreed upon…some were argued with ferocity…but in the end we both decided that it was time to begin his betrayal to Qeynos. But not before he gave me the bird…good job he was wearing gauntlets!

Langdale gives me the bird!

So he began the betrayal quest by heading back in to Neriak, and the New Foreign Quarter.  Just down the side of the Inn he found a little boy who was being bullied by two ruffians.  Knowing what it is like to be picked on for your size, Langdale decided to step in.  The two ruffians became aggro to him and Langdale spanked them and sent them home with his tail between their legs!  The boy was very grateful and called Langdale an Angel of Innoruk.  Langdale gave me a meaningful look, but he is not fooling anyone!

Thats where Langdale and I left it for the night.  I really want to do the betrayal quest in one go even though it is a pain, just to get it out of the way. I have done it so many times before it holds nothing special for me anymore.

Whilst Langdale and I were hunting last night there seemed to be a lot of flaming in channel 1-9.  I must say I was a little disapointed.  I really don’t know why some can’t just try and help the noobs out instead of flaming them … granted some should do some more research before asking for help..but linking in with what Ogrebear has said about advertising…we get so few brand new players to this game..when we do..we REALLY need to embrace them not flame them out!  And yes…Langdale and I say “Sony get of your lazy ass! Get out there and advertise!”

Yis Yis! Langdale …out!

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  1. Hehe, I love Langdale! Can’t wait for his next adventure.

  2. *covers Langdales ears*

    Shhhhh, don’t say that Keen! he already loves himself too much as it is! 😛

    p.s thanks a bunch btw..:)

  3. Nice story, one comment tho:

    >Whilst Langdale and I were huntinglast night there seemed to be a lot of flaming in channel 1-9

    That sort of thing is exactly why I left the US servers and headed over to Runnyeye. That, and the fact it’s hosted in the US anyway (unlike Splitpaw) so no extra lag. Cost me loads to move my toons there though (

    Which server are you on?

  4. Langdale is a resident on Antonia Bayle. I have no other experience of any other US server, and hate to go off ‘rumour’ but I have heard it is worse on other US servers. It was the reason I was a little peeved about it, as usually AB seems to have a great community and still seems to be thriving with helpful people.
    Thanks for the kind comment btw 🙂

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