Langdale and the Qeynos Connection

Langdale asked me if I thought he was doing the right thing by betraying he allegiances from Neriak to Qeynos.  I told him that I of course supported (most of) his decisions and if he wanted to be a Ranger then that was just fine by me.  When I informed him it was going to be hard work and would probably mean non stop adventuring and questing for at least a few hours,  he seemed a little less sure!  I swear that rat get’s lazier every day.  He soon perked up when I asked him why he wanted to be a Ranger and not an Assasin.

“Mees has a sensitive nose.  Mees is fed ups of being behind smellee monsters with bads wind!  As a Ranger mees can keeps me distance!”.  A fair enough answer I thought.

 So we decided to follow the advice of the boy he saved in Neriak and go visit Magister De’Pater in the Spires of Innoruk to continue his journey away from the teachings of the city of Neriak.  When we arrived at the Spires we soon found De’Peter…in the company of two small children. Langdale gave me a look and raised an eyebrow. He told me we should get our business done with this one as quick as we could as he seemed to have a penchant for small creatures. I told Langdale he was disgusting.

Magister and his ‘boys’

 Magister De’Peter and his ‘boys’


De’Peter asked us to go and help steal some documents from the Queen’s Palace and for the first time today Langdales eyes lit up.  As we were walking over to the palace I asked him if he was sure he wanted to be a Ranger instead of an Assasin as he seemed to like the shadier side of things.  He quicky put me right whilst he got out his bone pipe and smoked as he talked;

“Yis! Yis! mees is mischeivous, mees nots bad bad”…I remained speechless and we carried on.

When we got to the palace we quickly got to the second floor and Langdale told the Palace staff watching over the documents that there was a fight outside. They quickly ran off to see what was happening and we swiped the documents.  I was all for leaving as quick as we could. But Langdale had other ideas and told me that if he was leaving Neriak, he wanted to see the Queen at least once.

Langdale tells the Queen what he thinks..

 Landale tells the Queen of Neriak what he thinks..

Little was I to know that he would set off on a tirade, informing her that her city stank and although it looked nice it was full of fakers and pretentious lackeys..including her.  Dragging him away by the arm and trying to bow at the same time was not easy.  We didn’t speak all the way back to De’Peter.  I did however pause long enough to take one last look at the palace and it’s wonderful architecture.

Neriak Palace

 Neriak Palace

 De’Peter had another task for us.  Apparently there was a Reverend who was behind an Inn who was being attacked by assassins.  Langdale quickly butted in stating that he didn’t know anything about it!  So off we trecked back to the area in front of the Palace in a hurry to defend the Reverend.  When we got there, Langdale spotted the Opera House and refused to go any further until he had done a ‘turn’ on the stage there. I tried to convince him of the urgency of the task at hand..but he was having none of it and came over all ‘lush’ on me…

Langdale takes his ‘turn’ on stage..

 Langdale takes his ‘turn’ on stage..

Luckily enough the Rev was still alive when we got to him and he told us to get back to De’Peter and to tell him that someone or something called ‘The Seraph’ was in danger.  The whole way back we kept getting jumped by assassins, but Langdale was wiley enough to outwit them.  De’Peter told us we had to escape from Neriak and to meet the Rev outside the gates to the city.  The entire way to the teleporter Langdale waxed lyrical about ‘his’ wonderful descision to do the quest to be able to use them, and before we knew it we were outside chatting once again with the reverend..he seemed as cautious as me about Langdales descision to leave Neriak behind, and kept asking him if it was sure what he wanted to do..

Are you sure?

 The ‘Exile’ Experience is something Langdale has asked me not to mention. He says that it was tedious and embarrasing feeling like an outcast and hated being called ‘Exile’.  In fact at one point when another adventurer a Kerran, who must have been new to the lands of Norrath enquired where Langdale obtained his ‘cool’ title, Langdale promptly told him it was rude to point out anothers shortcomings and went on to say that ‘he’ hadn’t drawn attention to the Kerrans smelly fur or fat paws.  I dragged Langdale off and then began to chastise him about his behaviour and I had walked about twenty metres when I realised he wasn’t beside me any more.  Looking over my shoulder I saw Langdale wrestling with the Kerran and attempting to execute a ‘Luclin Wedgie’ trying to pull it so tight, things would have soon exploded like the moon!


We headed to Commonlands where Langdale spoke to Gil McMartin, who gave him some quests within Freeport. Langdale asked me to stay outside as he didn’t want to have to watch my back as well as his own in there. I must have sat there for an hour or so, intermittantly watching Langdale come back, talk to Gil again then wander off.  I whiled away the time by asking Gil McMartin what he thought Halas would have been like.  I thought this was a poigniant question to a Barbarian, but decided to sit quietly minding myself to myself when he replied “Mind ye own &^**@#! business Human. It matters not what I think Halas was like. I’d still be stuck in this %&^**@# tower all day every day”.


When Langdale had appeared and dissapeared about ten times Gil sent him off to Qeynos to speak to someone called Vishra outside the Mage Tower in South Qeynos.  The journey was a long one and on the way we stopped off for our last time in Haven. Langdale was glad to see the back of the place.  Even though it took us quite a while to get there, we didn’t have any battles along the way and the travelling was tedious.  Langdale moaned about not being able to use the Griffon towers in the Thunderring Steppes.   In fact he moaned so much I made use of the cotten wool I had secured against such ramblings, placing two small but very effective balls of it in my ears.  Vishra had a few tasks for Langdale, the first of which was clearing up rubbish off the Antonican Highway.  I thought he would moan about this..but he suprised me and said “Yous a never knows what yous might find!”.

After another task it was time to fight the Grand Inquisitor.  I feared for Langdale whilst he was gone, but he soon returned, bloodied but victorious.  After a short stop by a huge tree in the Elddar Wood, that was it!  Langdale was a Ranger and a citizen of Qeynos at last!  I told Langdale we should go and celebrate. I said we should head off to an eatery as I was extremely hungry. On the way I told Langdale he could have anything he wanted…my treat.  So, in true Langdale style, he stopped off at the broker and bought a full new set of armour and a new bow to celebrate his status as a Ranger.  Not enough money to go feed, we both went for a stroll around Antonica to check out the sights. I must say…it’s a lot more attractive and welcoming than Darklight Woods.

Langdale by the Oracle Tower.

 Langdale by the Oracle Tower, Antonica


Langdale the Ranger. His new duds and his new home, Qeynos.

 Langdale the Ranger and his new home, Qeynos.


Well Langdale has now reached his 14th season of adventuring.  I think he is enjoying it as much as I am, the cheeky rascal.


Yis Yis! Langdale …out!

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  2. Thanks for the guide, it’s extremely helpful!!!

  3. “Yis Yis! mees helps sumwuns. Yous is very welcums!”

    Langdale…stop dancing around, you have no rhythm, even for a rat!

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