Langdale and the ‘avoidance’ connection.

It had been several days.  I wouldn’t admit this to Langdale but like a little lost puppy I went to his Inn room at Irontoes, each and every day hoping to get an answer.  I wasn’t until a neighbour saw me there once again and asked me if I was after that ‘annoying little Rat’ that I eventually found out what he was up to.  So it turns out he has a new friend. Apparently the neighbour told me he was hanging round a lot with a man called ‘Ian Cathlan’ in Qeynos Harbour.

Obviously I set off to see if I could find this ‘Cathlan’ fellow.  On the way over there I mused that I was doing the right thing and Langdale must just have been pre-occupied and not pointedly ignoring me.  When I arrived I saw Langdale..well heard him straight away.  He seemed to be very unhappy with Mr.Cathlan.

“Yous give mees gloves, den wristies, then booties, then shouldies?? Yous prumissed mees fine armour..Yis Yis! yous did..mees wants legs and chesties” he squeaked.  Well I didn’t hear what Cathlan said but as I rounded the corner I saw Langdale striding towards me. I could tell he was unhappy and didn’t argue when he walked past me but pulled at my sleeve.

“Yous comes with mees. Yis Yis..we have things to find. His family is very forgetsful. Hes thinks mees his slave. Sending me all over picking up things they losts.  Hes dids says mees gets nice armour though if mees helps. Mees only gots these at the moment though”, ranting he waved a set of rather fine chainmail gloves in my face and pointed to his forearm pieces, shoulder armour and new boots. Speechless, I followed Langdale to the docks and we both caught the boat to Antonica.

 Well, we were sent off to find various items from around the Thunderring Steppes, culminating in locating an item called ‘Bonechipper’.  We found that one most difficult to find.  Took a while for us to find him though, even with Langdales ever increasing tracking skills.  I might have said at one point that he ‘couldn’t find the end of your nose’ with those skills.  “Hes in this area? Yis Yis?” Langdale asked me in retort…agreeing obviously he went on ” Yous sees…there lots of creeturs here …hard finding ones in many Yis Yis”..I couldn’t disagree really. 

We returned Cathlans family goods to him and he rewarded Langdale and he gave Langdale a rather nice set of chain leggings.  Langdale stood there for a few moments as if waiting for something.  Eventually he squeaked “Yous says Chesties!!! mees wants!!”

Cathlan refused to give Langdale the chest piece until he had collected the last few items his family had lost.  Bouncing around and drawing quite a crowd, at last Langdale relented. So off we went.

 Thunddering Steppes was our destination once more, this time to bring back lost family items from some Gnoll Sabertooth Harvesters, some Rumblers in the caves to the south and a disagreeable Giant called Ott Stompgutt. The gnolls and Ott all fell easily. I must admit I am begginning to get quietly confident in Langdales ability.  The Rumbler worms proved a little more challenging and more than once I witnessed Langdale running over the hill to where I awaited him waving his arms frantically..”Runs! Runs! they is too manys!”.  After a long hard afternoons battling though, we were triumphant and weary, we travelled back to Qeynos Harbour with all of the lost items.

Langdale got his “chestie” and he was suitably impressed by it.  What made him mad though was the fact that Cathlan had him , us..running back and forth all the time when he could have just given us a complete list of everything he needed.  Langdale didn’t hesitate to tell him this, obviously after he had gotten his prize.  I recall the scolding he gave him…It really was quite colourful.


Langdale tells Ian Cathlan


Langdale shows off his new AQ Armour

Yis Yis! Langdale …out!

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